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Will we owe taxes about the house sale?

In latest years, various elder adults have been hesitant to market their homes, hoping a healing inside housing markets might enable boost the worth of their nest eggs. Now, they're getting their wish. … The brand-new 3.8% taxes. Starting this year, many couples …
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If I owe taxes from last year plus wish To file a fast return for this year. Can they really take what I owe from my this years return or can I have a wait a lengthy time for my return? I need my return asap.

Answer by NAIL BI*CH
If we receive a return this year they usually apply it to last years taxes we owe.

Answer by stephen g
oops thier going to receive we plus never expect a return any time soon

Answer by charles d
More than probably the I.R.S takes last year & this years taxes we owe. You can lose or waste funds about fast return! The I.R.S is very wise regarding sticking it to ya! Great Luck

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