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Honduras as well as the New Year: A Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

By Gina Kawas about Wednesday, January 8, 2014. EspañolHonduras usually commence 2014 with a fresh management, nevertheless the same ruling party. This will be the very first time inside the country's democratic history which the … Within these laws, the government …
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I am a excellent school student studying a mock company project for my Economy class plus interested because to how usually a company license is paid for–monthly, annual or just once–while filling out a mock company license application.

Answer by Credit Card Debt
Every single license category has numerous document, inspection, or research needs accessible about the website. There are 5 standard actions, nevertheless, required for ALL certified enterprise escapades, that ought to be pleased before generating application for the Basic Organization License. They are:

We must have a valid Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN);
We need to register with all the Office of Tax plus Money plus show which we just have filed an FR-500 for DC company tax;
We need a Certificate of Occupancy for the enterprise premise or perhaps a Property Occupation Permit if you exercise of one’s house;
You should submit a Clean Hands Self Certification shape attesting which we never owe a lot over $ 100 towards the DC government (if you’re completing the BBL EZ Form* BBL EZ Form en Español* we don’t wish a separate form); plus
Should you are a corporation, partnership or limited liability fast (domestic or foreign), you really need to be registered in the District plus be inside wonderful standing. You need to have a Registered Agent.


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