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Bankruptcy judge rules San Bernardino eligible for bankruptcy protection

San Bernardino councilwoman Virginia Marquez and City Manager Allen Parker arrive to the United States Bankruptcy court in Riverside August 28,2013. A tentative ruling by a Federal judge grants San Bernardino … In court filings, attorneys for the …
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This year was the first year my wife received a W2 from a job. In the past we’ve been filling Married-Joint returns although I was the only one bringing in income. In 2014, I brought in over $ 46K and she worked and brought in just under $ 14K. I had about $ 2K in federal taxes were taken out of my pay, but she did not have any federal taxes taken out of her pay but the state did take about $ 300. We live in Virginia. Is that right or should they have taken some federal taxes out? I don’t want to file the return unless this is right. Thanks for your help.
Forgot to add. We have 3 children all under the age of 18.

Answer by Ryan M
Federal should have been taken out, so you will have to pay the taxes owed when you file. Did she file her W4 as “Exempt”?

Answer by BytemyAss
You’re screwed if she had no taxes taken out. Unless you have a ton of deductions.

Answer by tro
it might be as result of how she filed her W-4 but if $ 300 was withheld for State, it hard to believe nothing was withheld for federal
do you have any pay stubs that will show what was withheld? it is possible the W-2 is in error, you need to check this with her employer, and corrected by him if it is wrong

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