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In the UK we have to deal with adverse weather conditions in the form of rain, but in the southern states of America they have a far different weather situation; the extreme heat and dryness causing brush fires and wiping out whole regions.

And in New Mexico they are currently experiencing the worst bush fires in history. The threat of new fires is putting tourists off visiting the region, and Fourth of July celebrations have been banned for the fear that fireworks might cause new wildfires to start, making the situation worse.

The Las Conchas fire continues to rage through the northern part of the state, and it is threatening to destroy sacred American Indian sites. The forests are completely closed for the safety of the general public and tourists to the area, and more than two thousand fire fighters are currently battling against the blazes, which are showing no signs of extinguishing. There have been one hundred and twenty one thousand acres of forest burnt so far in this wildfire, and it has destroyed over one hundred buildings so far. There was also a risk that the fires might affect the nuclear plant in the area, but this threat has now passed.

The fire is however threatening to damage Los Alamos and santé fe; two big cities in the state.

Fire-fighters plan to combat the blaze by burning down some buildings in the fires path to make sure that it has no way of spreading any further. This way they will be removing combustible material before the fire reaches it, meaning that they have the chance to bring the blaze under control.

There has been rain in the past seven fays which has meant that twelve thousand people have been able to return to their houses in the Los Alamos region, but it is apparent that they might have to move out again if the blaze carries on raging in the region.

The town dwellers are no strangers to fire, although the last time they were evacuated from their homes was in 2000.

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