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Theater test blog site: Day 17

During some slack when you look at the shooting, he along with his girlfriend went towards the straight back of theater and left the building. "Some people were … "I became pushing him to operate, and I must-have gone-by him," Akers said after her ex-boyfriend only froze in the place. "A lady …
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This might be among those articles we send every once in a bit showing, in the future later on, just how simple it is to know what is going on aided by the dollar and gold-and-silver, and what you need to think about doing about it.

What I mean is this: I became conversing with litigant the other day and she asked should she get some good silver within then existing spot cost of $ 47 or wait. We recommended she wait because red hot cost works constantly cool-down and pull-back, and since the fundamentals have not changed a whit get in following the pull-back. That will establish the bottom of our new “trading range.”

Listed here is the essential skinny on which is driving this present dip (as of this writing place silver is $ 1475, gold is $ 34.75 – might 6, 2014):

The Comex (the planet’s biggest real product futures trade, situated in new york) significantly lifted the margin on silver future contracts. Simply implies they’ve been forcing out of the weak speculators which can not afford to play and who’re selling aside their roles.

It’s the principles: many selling pushing commodity index costs down, utilizing the extra dynamic of speculative profit-taking. I viewed this precise situation countless times during my time.

Nothing else changed. The buck is toast, lasting, and gold and silver have a long long distance to go. Much hay had been made from silver list prices getting close to fifty dollars recently, the historic large. That, needless to say, is a bunch of horse hockey due to the fact modified for corrosive rising prices gold will have to get to $ 130 to complement that 1980 price in real terms. Gold is still means undervalued in current dollars, also at fifty dollars.

I do not debate the end result regarding the dollar anymore because that reasonable discussion is finished. The method now is about moving over some continuing to be buying energy from the dollar and into tough asset cash, gold & silver.

So it is quite simple: obtain a good price and get regarding dips. It’s unavoidable you are going to probably really need to get some real cash anyway at some point, therefore do it regarding the dips to get even more for the paper money.

It’s just that facile.

So, act today and start the procedure. Anyway, you will end up reading right back these terms in 4 months and you will possess added point of view and understanding that what you are actually witnessing may be the genuine offer and nothing on earth will end the final failure of dollar.

It really is your work just to determine if this might be genuine and real and after that make use of the same method men and women always utilize in this type of financial environment.

Hence this approach is sensible, it is safe, also it helps make the most quantity of feeling…

Either that or spot your entire hope and faith in Obama, the federal government, therefore the Federal Reserve to share with the truth and to look after your best passions.

But you’ll need reject your private experience, all historic precedent, math, and your very own good good judgment to really concur with the official story and description.

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New York, NY (PRWEB) March 03, 2014

Investors seeking exposure to precious metals would excel to take into account Metanor Resources Inc. In reviewing silver producer Metanor sources’ numbers for the very first quarter closing as a commercial silver producer we note a number of important things that demonstrate good health; 1) The P&L important thing of $ 410,000 net loss is very positive after factoring out depreciation (a non money item) of $ 1.07 million together with fact it must integrate 2 months of expenses that were maybe not in the industry gold manufacturing period. 2) although Metanor produced 4,514 oz silver in December it could just show 2,863 ounces of that as sales in quarter because 2,375 ounces of Gold (representing ~$ 2 million at price to Metanor and ~$ 3 million when it comes to product sales) was on deposit at the mint. 3) Cash-wise Metanor should always be presently sitting really with approximately CDN$ 4 million – $ 5 million because it might have gotten that aforementioned $ 3 million through the mint in early January + it currently had ~$ 1 million money closing-out the period + it’s recognized having had an abnormally huge GST(sales taxation) reimbursement (receivable) of a supplementary $ 700,000. 4) also essential to note is Metanor announced early in the day recently the amendment of a ~$ 5.3 million note using Quebec Government, pushing the note straight back over annually and therefore negating the possibility money contact April 2014.

Excerpts of Metanor’s February 28, 2014 release:

Metanor Reports its Financial Results for the Quarter Ending December 31st 2014 with a money price of US$ 766/oz


Metanor achieves Commercial manufacturing November 2nd 2014 (declared December first 2014).
Silver production of 12,751 ounces when it comes to one-fourth which 4,514 oz were produced in December.
Silver product sales of 10,427 ounces when it comes to quarter of which 2,863 oz were sold in December.
Gross Margin of $ 149,128 for quarter after depreciation and exhaustion of $ 1,070,138.
Web reduction when it comes to one-fourth of $ 410,174 including revenues and cost of product sales for December and 3 months of expenses.
Milled 62,033 tonnes of ore at a feed quality of 6.6 g/T and a data recovery of 97.5%.
Complete of $ 3,556,885 in gold sales in December (commercial manufacturing period) at an average price tag of $ 1,242/oz (US$ 1,167/oz at a trade price of US$ 0.94/CA$ 1.00).
Money Cost of $ 815 per ounce sold in December (US$ 766/oz at an exchange price of US$ 0.94/CA$ 1.00).
Began the repayment regarding the money totaling $ 933,333 during Q2 from the loan supplied by Ressources Qu�bec.
Subsequent to December 31st, Ressources Qu�bec and M�tanor concluded an amendment dispersing the balance associated with loan until March 2014. (understand news release released February 27th 2014)

Ghislain Morin, president and chief executive officer, and Serge Roy, exec president associated with the board, declared: � Our company is very pleased with your quarterly outcomes which reveal that Metanor can already produce a positive gross margin during the start of commercial production. We want to improve these outcomes through the following quarters even as we achieve full manufacturing capacity. �

The total monetary launch from origin with P&L statement could be seen at http://goo.gl/2cwUcw on the web.

The release stated that Metanor continues to develop brand new drifts to the west that will allow access to new zones and increase the production toward a full capacity. Also, Metanor increase the diamond drilling in the coming months to eventually add brand new resources and reserves.

Metanor recently announced Gold production numbers for January holding steady above 4000 ounces, this while still processing development ore. Present development work to start brand-new stopes at Metanor’s Bachelor mine seem to have converted into results, permitting Metanor to have stabilized Gold manufacturing over 4,000 oz monthly. The stage is set for a cash movement good situation, and a push to support into the higher range of a 4000 – 5000 oz each month Gold target (at 800 TPD). Managements near-term program is always to boost the mill ability by ~50per cent at low capex (~$ 4 million) and target 6,500 – 7,500 oz Gold manufacturing per month in belated 2014 (contingent of getting extra electrical energy from Hydro-Quebec in the pipeline for 2014). Metanor with ~267 million stocks outstanding provides an ideal automobile for people searching for exposure to gold and silver coins. Stocks of Metanor are currently investing near C$ 0.20 plus the time for you to take notice is while Metanor is exchanging at a fraction (lower than 1/4) of the infrastructure (replacement) price alone, disregarding the ~1.6 million oz Gold resource throughout groups (on all properties), and ignoring the large resource growth potential. Metanor can also be actively advancing on another front side, it is Barry Mine deposit, that numerous trust has a the prospective to convert to a big enhance of gold ounces inside surface and an important percentage increase in production ounces in addition to the >6,500 ounces silver production monthly target expected at Bachelor sometime in 2014.

Marketplace Equities Research Group has actually identified listed here related analysis backlinks on Metanor:

Mining Professional Jay Taylor’s meeting with Metanor’s VP and recommendation to clientele: http://jaytaylormedia.com/media/MetanorResources20140128.mp3 Audio

Mining Expert Lawrence Roulston initiates protection http://sectornewswire.com/RoulstonMTO02-2014.pdf PDF

Ronald Perry, Vice-President of Metanor, November 15, 2014 company Information system interview: http://watch.bnn.ca/#clip1044420 Video

Current Q4 2014 experts Report (C$ 0.47 cost target): http://sectornewswire.com/MTOanalystOct2013.pdf PDF

Metanor Sources Inc. Corporate web site: http://www.metanor.ca/en Web Site

SEDAR Filings for Metanor Resources Inc.: http://goo.gl/fpbR3Z Website

Present Mining Journal article: http://miningmarketwatch.net/mto.htm Site

This release may include forward-looking statements regarding future occasions that include risk and uncertainties. Readers tend to be cautioned that these forward-looking statements are only predictions that can vary materially from real events or results. Articles, excerpts, commentary and reviews herein tend to be for information reasons and are also not solicitations to purchase or sell some of the securities talked about.


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