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What does an elderly individual with only social security and perhaps a pension get back on their tax refund? Is it minimum? What about their health-treatment expenses not coated by medicare?
I’m not talking elderly individuals like Warren Buffett, but your average retirement age particular person with small discretionary cash flow.
What about the permanently disabled? Anything distinct in phrases of refund amounts from the aged?
Do the aged and disabled even have to file taxes?
Does it beehoove them to do so anyway, even if they dont have to file?

Answer by Cari
wait,how several concerns are you asking?

Answer by Yeah I am Talkin’ 2U 2
They get nothing at all. You should function and spend taxes to get any back.

Response by jlf
Individuals, elderly or not, do not automatically “get back again” everything as a refund. Wellness treatment expenses not lined by insurance policy are compensated for out of pocket – yet again, elderly or not.


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