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I pay a lot in income tax each year and recently I have only had roughly 10% refunded at tax refund time. I’m worried I’m paying too much during the year and not getting enough back. I file as single and claim 1 on state and federal exemptions and file single on tax returns. Am I doing anything wrong or is this how it’s supposed to be. (Btw I make less then 30,000 yr gross)

Answer by Ryan M
There is no average %. People who are poor tax planners get more than people who know how to maximize their cash flow. Getting refund means you screwed up and overpaid the government. Not all people screw up as bad as others.

Answer by Fred S
So why do you pay “too much during the year”. Why don’t you pay less during the year, and aim to get zero back? Why give the government an interest free loan? Would you do that for anyone else?

The best plan is to get no refund.

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