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As Obama hammers 'income inequality,' what about income tax inequality?

In a speech very last month, President Obama complained about a “dangerous and increasing inequality” in the U.S., using the term &quotinequality&quot 26 instances. The State of the Union deal with Tuesday was envisioned to touch on the very same topic, as the president attempts to&nbsp…
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Obama’s tax coverage: If you make considerably less than $ 250,000 a calendar year, you will not see a dime’s really worth of tax enhance. What about tiny organization house owners? How do we know that they make much less than $ 250,000 a 12 months?

Reply by Pure Republican Evil
No and NO!

Reply by ☆Shelby☪
I am assuming he will if they are making a great deal of money.

Answer by Julie H
Indeed, little business house owners will be taxed at the personal charge rather of a organization price, which will put most of them out of organization. Most are barely hanging on now without a tax enhance. Tiny enterprise employs most People in america.


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