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Five Huge 2014 Tax Law Changes We Should Understand About

FICA, or the Federal Insurance Contribution Act, involves both Social Security plus Medicare taxes. The present FICA taxes rate is 7.65 %. Higher-income earners may be facing an extra 0.9 % taxes, that results inside an efficient taxes rate of …
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I mean, when taxes rates are lowered doesn’t which imply which cuts inside spending were selected to pay for cuts inside taxes?
And when you can’t afford social protection plus medicare you need to be pretty deep inside a hole; thus deep which even following these cuts taxes need to be excellent without hope of them ever being lower. Right?

Answer by NWO 4 Life
No it doesn’t imply which cuts inside spending went together with taxes cuts.

Answer by Moderate Somber
Tax rates is 90% when there is a issue with Medicare or Social Security, which is when you survive the revolution which might result.

Answer by Phoenix
Obama is not interested inside what usually result to the American individuals 50 years from today.

He is just interested inside getting re-elected.


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