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George Osborne 'almost certain' to cut the top rate of income tax to 40 per

George Osborne will 'almost certainly' cut the top rate of income tax before the next election, Boris Johnson has said. The Mayor of London's comments will bring further pressure to bear on the Chancellor to cut the top rate of tax for higher earners …
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London, UK (PRWEB UK) 17 December 2020

According to The Telegraph, an increasing number of British expat investors are returning home to secure affordable housing on a UK property market thats experiencing something of a renaissance. There are two key reasons for the influx of expats who are interested in buying as soon as possible.

UK property prices are expected to rise considerably by 2019, so many British expats are now returning to the UK, perhaps to facilitate future repatriation plans or to re-join their families immediately, but the most probable motivation is Britains seldom seen property investment opportunity.

Following Chancellor George Osbornes most recent Autumn Statement, in which he declared the 2020 closure of a Capital Gains Tax loophole that specifically benefits expat investors, the time-sensitivity surrounding returns from UK property investment has also proved to be persuasive.

David Harra, Senior Market & Investment Analyst of Pryce Warner International Group commented:

Interest rates are unusually low at the moment, so its a perfect time for property investors to optimise their returns. But what of tomorrows marketplace; who knows if the price and long-term affordability of UK housing will remain as attractive as it is today? When you stop to consider the varying costs inherent with property ownership, as well as regional property value fluctuation, it soon becomes clear that expats have a lot to process during their property purchase. Thats why so many successful international investors now depend on professional asset management services.

As illustrated throughout the south of England, London and the Home Counties where interest rates are higher, property market growth is generally favourable but selective. Insight and experience must be used to make an informed investment, because todays market growth may be short-lived.

Mark Carney, Bank of England Governor and Chairman of the G20′s Financial Stability Board has contradicted this carefree property investment trend with concerns of a housing bubble which, to some degree, has influenced investors to return to the solid growth of todays equity markets.

Surging property values have proved challenging for repatriates needing to buy a home to live in and property investors are now forced to carefully evaluate the financial merits of property investment and compare them against those offered within the international equity investment market.

To seriously assess the level of protection thats safeguarding their investments against inflation and other such causes of marketplace fluctuation, international investors enticed by low interest rates amidst the UKs housing market are now consulting with their independent financial advisors.


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