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Income-Tax Changes for 2014 Tax Filing

With the New Year came modern taxes regulations. For many taxpayers with modified modified gross incomes (MAGI) beneath $ 200,000 (single) plus $ 250,000 for wedded couples filing jointly, money taxes rates won't heighten, plus many tax-relief provisions stay inside impact.
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What numbers about my taxes returns may aid me figure out what my taxes bracket is?


shows which I will be inside the 25% backet, nevertheless according to my calculations. (total taxes state +total taxes federal) / ajusted gross money. I just paid about 12%

Answer by shelcom
you forgot to figure deductions/exemptions that decrease the EFFECTIVE taxes rate.

Answer by Judy
Look at the taxable money, then at the taxes rate plans for the money.

25% bracket doesn’t signify which we pay 25% about everything we create. The taxes rate plans usually show which furthermore. The initially numerous $ is not taxed (exemptions, deductions, adjustments), then a quantity of $ is taxed at 10%, then 15%, then 25%….

The amount of $ taxed at every rate depends about the filing status.

Answer by ed m
you answer a just query =- in your query we have 2 figures gross money plus modified money. yes the gross can be 25% however whenever we take out all of the crumb snatchers it drops like rainfall water.



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