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… oath of workplace to board appointee; shut session to discuss status of 2020-14 contract with OPEIU Local 95; open session to take any action; 2020-15 state budget plus review up-to-date revenue limit worksheet; preliminary analysis of 2020-13 budget …
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When you have an money or an investment, the initially thing which worries you is the taxes to be paid about them. Indians (RI & NRI) are more worried regarding the outgoing than the incoming per state.

Once we commence investing inside India, you’re equally liable to pay taxes to Indian Government. Let’s try plus recognize the simple taxes structure that is relevant to NRIs.



· The following incomes are calculated for Tax cause inside India:
• Money received inside India
• Money accruing or arising inside India
• Money considered to accrue or happen inside India

Money earned plus received outside India is not taxable inside India.

NRIs are taxable about money accrued or received inside India. Money earned plus received outside India including overseas company money, overseas bank interest incomes, etc. is not taxable inside India.

An NRI is treated at par with RI (Resident Indians) for taxation issues.


· Money Tax Slabs – AY 2020-2012


· Tax Slabs (inside Rs) 

· Money taxes 

· Indian Male/NRI/HUF 

· 0 to 1,60,000 

· NIL 

· 1,60,001 to 5,00,000 

· 10% 

· 5,00,001 to 8,00,000 

· 20%

· Above 8,00,000

· 30%

However, inside easy terms, when you’re generating lower than Rs 1, 60,000 (approx $ 3600) money inside India, then you’re not liable to pay money taxes inside India.

If you earn Rs 8,00, 000(approx $ 18,000) then you are paying Rs. 94,000 (approx $ 2,100) because taxes.


· But, there are some investments that never attract money taxes or specialized taxes.

· After are some examples:

· • Interest earned with a resident outside India from non-resident outside (NRE) accounts
• Interest earned by an NR or NOR from foreign currency (non-resident) (FCNR) accounts
• Interest about notified securities, bonds, annuity certificates plus savings certificates issued by the Central Government
• Interest about bonds issued by localized authorities plus notified by the Central Government inside the official gazette
• Dividends received from Indian firms plus from specified mutual funds
• Long-term capital gains within the transfer of equity shares inside a firm or units of a equity oriented fund offered these transaction has been subjected to securities transaction tax
• Latest  taxes rates appropriate for Investment inside Mutual fund /Stocks.



So should you are an NRI, plus are searching for saving certain taxes found on the investment performed inside India, 1 of these may be a option!


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