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Fresnillo To Pay An Early Dividend Ahead Of Mexico's Tax Reforms

LN) said Thursday it will pay this year's annual dividend early, a move could help shareholders save on taxes if the Mexican government goes ahead with plans to boost taxes on dividends from next year. The Mexican Congress is in the process of …
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Monroe, CT (PRWEB) July 25, 2014

Home buyers searching for real estate investing opportunities in Connecticut or those in the market for the best real estate investments in New York need to act quickly. According to the S&P Cash Shiller Home Prices Indices, home prices continue to rise, climbing 10 percent in March and 12 percent in April. “Real estate offers investors the opportunity for a high rate of return, but real estate investing in Connecticut must be done at the right time for the highest return on investment,” Paul Duh of CT Houses, LLC declares.

Real estate investors find they have two choices when purchasing a property. A number of investors choose to rent the property for a profit. Others opt to purchase when home prices are low and then sell the properties when a pre-determined price is reached. “Investors typically base this decision on their desired involvement with the property as both options offer the opportunity for profit,” Mr. Duh continues.

For those investors wishing to rent their property, real estate provides cash flow when properly selected and managed. Over time, the percentage return typically outperforms dividend yields on stocks. In addition, the investor has more control over risks to the cash flow. “The investor chooses which improvements to make, how much rent to charge (based on similar rentals in the area) and more. When investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and most investment vehicles, major decisions lie in the hands of others leaving investors at the mercy of the decision makers. This isn’t an issue when investing in real estate,” Mr. Duh states.

Investors wishing to buy and sell properties find making a profit isn’t difficult to do. Buying distressed homes and fixing them up offers the opportunity to make a large profit in a short period of time. “These homes are disappearing from the market, so investors wishing to flip houses need to act quickly,” Mr. Duh says.

Even after the distressed housing market is depleted, real estate investors still have an opportunity to make a profit in the housing market. The amount of profit depends in large part on which homes are selected. “Improving the exterior of the home, remodeling the kitchen, replacing a heating and cooling unit or upgrading a roof can bring in higher profits when selling a home. Investors need to choose carefully to find those homes in need of improvements such as this. Doing so allows for more profit with less effort,” Mr. Duh goes on to say.

Real estate investing remains a good way to diversify an investment portfolio. Interest on investment homes continues to be tax deductible, whether one choose to rent the property or purchase a property to sell in a short period of time. While owning the property, the investor also has the opportunity to reduce his or her taxes by writing off depreciation of the property. “Homes historically increase in value over time and yet investors can write interest and depreciation off while building equity. Real estate investing in Connecticut continues to be a wise financial move and one all investors should consider,” Mr. Duh exclaims.

About CT Houses, LLC:

CT Houses, LLC (http://www.cthousesllc.com/), established by Paul Duh, offers investors the opportunity to make money through real estate investing in Connecticut. With more than 19 years in the real estate industry, Mr. Duh understands the benefits of this investment vehicle. Investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio and retain more control over their money find CT Houses, LLC to be of great assistance in helping them achieve this goal.


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