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If it’s a necessary payment, isn’t which the same because suggesting “If you’re alive, you need to pay this.”?
It’s different b/c school taxes aren’t needed to be paid by the homeless or anybody else whom isn’t creating bank. It’s equally a assortment of tiny amounts from each individual for services really required by EVERYONE inside the community. I haven’t been to the doctor inside 5 years.
@IC, I’m not chatting regarding Bush. I hated which guy too. I understand which Obamacare was started by republicans plus I understand which Obama had the unpleasant situation of getting to run with it. I am stating from a free country POV which Obamacare (regardless of that dummy came up with it plus regardless whom is within office) is a violation of flexibility b/c not everyone requirements it. It’s nice to have however, it happens to be a taxes that is imposed about an individual just to be alive. That’s what wellness insurance has constantly been put merely. I don’t like bashing political individuals. It’s retarded plus ignorant (nearly all of the time). Better to criticize plan. From a philosophical stand-point, Obamacare is a taxes for merely being alive.

Answer by Mordent
How is this different within the taxes which pay for universities, roads or the military?

Answer by creeese
Only in the event you don’t absolutely have wellness insurance, are elderly, or bad. The alternative 35 million are being forced to take wellness insurance.

Answer by Bob B
There are many imperfections with that:

* First off, it refuses to taxes we to be alive. It taxes we for without wellness insurance or being covered by another program. In situations of financial hardship, the mandate is waivied. So no, it’s not the same thing.

* Even when it was, how is this different to any additional taxes?



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