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Obama threatens veto on health unit tax repeal

The repeal legislation “would raise the shortage to invest in a permanent and high priced tax break for industry without improving the health system or assisting middle-class People in america,” the White home said Monday in a declaration. Repealing the taxation “would …
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Ryan: 'I'm against raising the fuel tax'

The federal government has also embraced the repatriation proposal, however the president features argued tax on overseas profits should-be required and gathered at an increased rate. Democrats argued during Wednesday's hearing that a gas income tax enhance is long …
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Walgreens exec: Obama made united states 'whipping boy' of taxation inversions

Obama accused companies employing tax inversions of "gaming the system" this past year in the midst of significantly more than several U.S. companies either moving or deciding on moving their headquarters overseas. A few major U.S. organizations — including AbbVie …
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