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Tampa, Fl (PRWEB) January 31, 2014

The tax filing season has officially begun, and to ensure there are no setbacks or worries, now is the perfect time to begin. After all, it doesnt matter how early tax filers begin the return, tax returns have a habit of taking longer than expected, and this is especially true for active personnel in the US Armed Forces and their spouses.

Like every other American citizen, servicemen and women of the armed forces need to pay tax on their income and need to complete the yearly tax return. But given the nature of this job role, and given the sacrifices that members of the armed forces make for our country, there are a number of significant benefits for such people with regards to tax returns and the tax return process. FileIncomeTaxReturns.com is glad to provide the options and benefits available for military personnel.

Paper Filing or Online Filing?

Many military families will take the traditional approach to filing the tax return this year, but this is a poor choice to make. Filing taxes manually on paper is lengthy and tedious, especially if things are done without the help of an accountant. Furthermore, if there are mistakes or omissions accidental or no there can be hefty fines or even audits. As much as half of the taxpaying population has suffered tax audits because they have simply forgotten to include certain information or have made mistakes.

E-filing is the new way to file tax returns, and even without the benefits that come with being in active duty, there are heaps of advantages. For example, it helps ensure to leave nothing out, accuracy is much easier, provides a refund quicker, it helps the environment and is extremely secure. FileIncomeTaxReturns.com helps choose good software that help tricky calculations get handled automatically. It is predicted that at least 81% of American taxpayers will file online for the 2014 tax year.

E-Filing Options

Three options for filing a tax return electronically:


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