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IRS: Don't Forget to Pay Your Obamacare Tax With Your Tax Return Next Year

The IRS is reminding people that the individual mandate still exists and that it must be paid and submitted with tax returns in 2014. Naturally, the individual mandate tax isn't being called the individual mandate tax. Instead, it's creepily being …
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Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) February 27, 2014

It was announced by the Internal Revenue Service on February 24, 2014 (IR-2014-18) that the Criminal Investigation Division (CI) has released its Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2014 (IRS-CI Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Business Report).

Among the accomplishments listed by CI in the report is a 12.5% increase in investigations in Fiscal Year 2014 and a nearly 18 percent gain in prosecution recommendations compared to the prior year (IR-2014-18).

For Fiscal Year 2014 CI initiated 5,314 cases and recommended 4,364 cases for prosecution (IRS-CI Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Business Report page 2).

There are generally speaking, noted DTRs senior enrolled agent, Maurice Rosaler, a former IRS revenue officer and group manager who has been doing tax resolution for over 26 years, two ways the government treats tax issues. One is administrative such as audits and collection actions like levies and seizures which are pretty bad in of themselves but the other are criminal which involves CI and criminal prosecution and possible convictions and actual jail time.

At DTR, Rosaler pointed out, we assist people every day with the administrative aspect of tax relief such as Offers in Compromise, audit defense and audit reconsideration, levy release, installment plans, penalty abatement, etc. but we can also help people avoid criminal investigation by giving them valid professional advice and guidance so they handle their taxes the correct legal way.

The CI report noted that convictions rose more than 25 percent compared to the prior year (IR-2014-18).

The CI report, Rosaler said, on page two lists that the conviction rate for fiscal 2014 was 93 percent. That is an amazing number. I can tell you from dealing with CI as a revenue officer with the IRS and later as an enrolled agent that CI prides itself on its investigative skills and high convention rate. They are not an agency any taxpayer wants to deal with.

Put it this way, the former revenue officer and group manager added, if you do something that brings you under the microscope by CI then there is over a 9 out of ten chance youre going to be found guilty and deal with the repercussions of your actions, most likely including time in prison.

Why take on odds like that, Rosaler asked, it makes no sense. The best way to avoid CI is not to take any actions that do not follow the tax code. And the best way to do that is to get professional advice by looking for and retaining a trusted tax relief firm with attorneys and enrolled agents as well as registered tax preparers who specialize in this field of tax resolution and who know the laws and regulations and tax code. Look for an authentic tax relief firm like DTR which is listed with the BBB with an A rating and zero complaints.

Our cases involved individuals and corporations from all segments of society, said Richard Weber, Chief of CI (IR-2014-18).

So that means, Rosaler, DTRs senior enrolled agent said, you are bucking the odds no matter which you are, individual or a business, if you follow the wrong advice.

The trend as indicated in the report (IRS-CI Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Business Report), Rosaler continued, is that CI is on the march. 12.5% increase in investigations, etc. so if the advice you get sounds illegal or too good to be true then you better protect yourself and consult with a legitimate tax professional.

Its simple, the former IRS agent concluded, avoid CI with their 93% success rate by not breaking the law and if youre not sure what to do then get good solid and legal tax advice and tax preparation from a reputable tax resolution firm like DTR.

Direct Tax Relief has extensive experience in tax resolution and has represented numerous clients since 2007 providing professional legal tax advice to resolve tax matters including Offer in Compromise, levy and garnishment release, appeal penalties and establishing minimal payment plans to the government. Call DTR at (877) 505-4829 if you owe the IRS $ 10,000 or more.


New York, NY (PRWEB) February 27, 2014

As Hollywood prepares to announce the winners of the Academy Awards on March 2, scores of consumer watchdog groups kick off National Consumer Protection Week that same day to increase awareness and provide consumer tips on how to avoid online traps where cybercriminals can rob people of their money, identity and security.

While with the recent breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus, Kickstarter and the University of Maryland, there is no shortage of related scams, some deserve special recognition for being especially sneaky and insidious. Adam Levin, Chairman of Identity Theft 911 and Credit.com says, This years winners look like a season from the hit CNBC series American Greed*. What consumers need to know, warns Levin, is that breaches are the new normal and that means cybercriminals and scam artists will never be out of business looking to steal your precious identity and hard earned cash.

This year’s picks are a motley crew of scams that can get anyone while they’re responding to an email, searching the Web, answering a phone call, filing taxes or even trying to find love.

And the envelope, please…

The Celebrity Scam: An online search for a favorite celebrity could expose people to identity theft. Be suspicious of links to free content and exercise extra caution when searching hot topics and check for URL misspellings. Remember, searching for Sandra Bullock could turn into a detour to a random site, that may end up being a cybertrap.

The Catfish Scam: When it comes to on-line dating, catfishers are out to make their objets d’amour the bait and steal people’s wallets and hearts. Armed with fake photos and scripted lines, these scammers prey on lonely hearts. Always research the person contacting you. Check the photo and the profile. If there are inconsistencies, then dont engage and never wire money to someone you have not met in person. Money cant buy love, and being asked to pay for someone elses expenses is a major red flag.

The One-Ring Call Scam: Scammers auto-dial consumers and let the phone ring once, hoping they will get a call back. Once the caller returns the call, theyve got them! Those who call back are connected to an adult entertainment service or chat line, where they are charged an international calling fee of $ 20, with a $ 9 per minute fee or higher. Don’t call back unknown numbers.

Tax Related Scam: Counting on a tax refund to pay a few bills or take a much-needed vacation? Beware; scammers are working to steal it. During tax season, taxpayers should look out for fake IRS phishing emails asking for personal information or shady tax preparers that promise inflated or quick refunds. Mind suspicious mail, file early and e-file tax returns.

The Obamacare Scam: Con artists call unsuspecting consumers, peddling fake insurance plans, claiming to work for the government or as a Navigator under the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. If an individual shopping for healthcare receives a call from someone claiming they need to verify personal information or they will deny insurance benefits, this is a scam. Customer service reps from Medicaid & Medicare Services, HHS, or Obamacare will never call a customer asking for personal information, like their Social Security Number.

Mr. Levin urges that in the age of the breach, businesses need to invest in better technology and security and consumers must be vigilant and always self-monitor. Levin advocates for businesses and consumers to follow his 3M plan: Minimize risks, Monitor accounts and Manage the damage. Scammers and fraudsters will always be around looking for a good mark, but every business and consumer can empower themselves by taking their security into their own hands.



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