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I reside inside Orange County, California plus really got available a fresh job for $ 42,000/year. I looked up the IRS taxes bracket plus figured which I might pay regarding $ 7,058 yearly inside federal taxes (I am single with me because a dependent, don’t have any property or have any capital gains.)

I was thinking when anybody may tell what different taxes I might owe found on the Federal/State/local level, plus around how much I will be delivering house following taxes monthly.

Answer by bostonianinmo
Well, we have the Federal money taxes nailed.

Don’t forget an more 7.65% for Social Security plus Medicare withholdings. That might exercise to another $ 3,213 taken out.

Then you ought to figure the State taxes bite. There ought to be a calculator found on the CA FTB webpage to aid with which.

Then add all of them up plus subtract it from the gross pay to receive a probable web pay for the year.

Divide which by the quantity of pay periods (26 when you’re paid bi-weekly) plus you’ll have the average take-home pay per pay period.

Answer by cherry
There’s a awesome site, paycheckcity.com which estimates income following taxes. They employ info based found on the state we reside inside plus amount of exemptions you may be declaring. The estimates are very close.

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