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I have a G4 Visa, EAD labored as contractor. my staff gave me the 1099-NR, as considerably as I know I have to declare as a Non-Residen while I am
keeping G4 position. So kind 1044NR need to be employed. (this is my firs tax filling)

What do I do?
Sorry, sort was 1099-MISC

Solution by NA
This is kind of lined in IRS publication 519. “The G-4 visa is nonimmigrant visa which permits overseas officers or workers of international companies of any rank to enter into the U.S. to engage in enterprise pursuits and not for individual enterprise and pleasure. The workers and instant family users of principal G-4 visa holders also qualify for G-four visa.”

“Foreign government-relevant men and women. A international federal government-relevant person is an specific (or a member of the individual’s fast loved ones) who is briefly existing in the United States:

As a total-time employee of an global organization,

By explanation of diplomatic standing, or

By purpose of a visa (other than a visa that grants lawful long lasting residence) that the Secretary of the Treasury decides signifies entire-time diplomatic or consular status.


You are considered briefly existing in the United States irrespective of the genuine quantity of time you are existing in the United States.”

Consequently, as long as you are on the G4 visa, you will by no means accumulate days towards the 183 day significant presence test. The ONLY tax kinds you can use are 1040NR and 1040NR-EZ.

Since you obtained a 1099-MISC, you file a 1040NR with routine C, but NOT timetable SE.

Response by tro
you will spend earnings tax on this 1099 M income but naturally you are not here on a far more or considerably less long term basis and not liable for the SS and Medicare


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