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Revisit Tax Bill

The suggested brand-new law has additionally especially included “interest on international financial obligation guaranteed by Zimbabwean residential property or by Zimbabwe citizen company” as deeming the lending company to have resident income thereupon interest being income susceptible to organization law (rates …
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So is my tax increasing or down?

The major question on everyone's brain before was, “Will Minister Nene raise income-tax or VAT?”, even though he performed boost income tax somewhat (that one portion point we've all heard so much about), he rather astonished people with a huge gas levy …
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Financial obligation and austerity in Greece

The Aegean islands, Greece's many successful region, will continue to enjoy reduced rates of value-added taxation versus remaining country. The limit from which tax bites will undoubtedly be restored this season to €12,000, making around 3m low-income Greeks …
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